Integral Technologies Flash Bus MV Lite PCI Bus-Mastering Video Frame Grabber blazes with transfer speeds up to 132MB per second !!

Integral Technologies presents the low-cost solution to meet your imaging needs. The FlashBus MV Lite is a PCI bus-mastering video frame grabber that provides quality video images at an amazingly low price!


FlashBus Lite is a high-speed , very low cost, PCI bus-mastering frame grabber designed to capture 8 bits per pixel monochrome and 24 bits per-pixel color video in real time to system memory!FlashBus MV Lite was specifically developed for cost critical applications requiring very-high quality, high speed image capture such as machine vision, inspection and scientific imaging.

For use with the Astrovid Line you can capture real time IMAGES to your hard drive. You can also capture non-interlaced frames. The capture of non-interlaced frames will allow you to overcome the effects of atmospheric turbulence. This is because interlaced video contains two frames interlaced together into one frame. The capture of just a single frame will allow to obtain more detailed images!

We feel this board represents a great value as it performs as well as boards costing much more. This is a commercial grade board and is of much higher quality than boards advertised by commercial computer store chains.

Low Cost:

This integral board offers a number of features and a wealth of software at pricing that's a welcome relief to cost-critical applications.

Bus Mastering Performance:

Taking advantage of its high speed PCI bus-mastering capabilities, Flash Bus MV Lite delivers consecutive frame-GRABS in real time into system memory at rates up to 132MB/Second ! This is done while still leaving the CPU free to operate other applications.

External Triggers:

FlashBus MV Lite can accept one input trigger so that image acquisition can be synchronized to external events. Interrupt and polled input triggers are available to control external events in a technique best suited for application execution.

FlashBus MV Lite also provides one TTL output trigger for controlling external devices.

Extensive Software Support:

The FlashBus MV Lite setup software provides support for all major operating systems and drivers. Included with the board is FBG, a Windows based application that offers full image capture control. The FlashBus MV Lite is also support by a wide array of third party imaging programs.

A software developers kit (SDK) provides programmable access to the features of the FlashBus MV Lite hardware architecture. The SDK includes DLLS for Microsoft Windows 3.x,95,98,NT and OS2. Also included are Twain,MCI,Video for Windows and Direct Draw Drivers, as well as sample applications with source code.

High CPU Compatibility:

FlashBus MV Lite provides as PCI 2.1 compatible interface having both Slave and Master Mode Compatibility. FlashBus MV Lite was designed to be fully compatible with, Pentium, Pentium Pro, MMX, and Pentium II computers.

Because FlashBus MV Lite is a functional subset of FlashBus MV PRO and PLUS, any software written for the lite will run properly on the Pro and Plus Versions as well.


Analog Video Inputs:

Composite video connector (BNC)

S-video connector (4 pin DIN)

Up to three composite inputs

I/O Control:

1 optically isolated output trigger for flash interface

Configurable as 1 TTL input and 1 TTL output

Video Decoder:

Accepts NTSC and PAL, Composite and S-video

Genlocks to any NTSC/PAL video source including cameras, VCRs, laser discs, and still video players

24/16/15/8 bit digitizing

Square Pixel Resolutions for NTSC(12.27 MHz at 640X480) and PAL (14.75MHz at 768x576)

Digital control of offset, gain, brightness, contrast, hue, and saturation.

EEPROM for storing configuration and calibration settings

Video Format:

24/16/15 bit RGB (or) YUV 4:2:2 software selectable

Y8 monochrome

RGB Pixel Format:

888-16.7 million colors

565- 65 thousand colors

555 32t thousand colors

8- 256 level monochrome

Video Throughput Performance:

Full size, full speed video delivery to and from system or VGA memory

Full bandwidth PCI bus master read and write(up to 132mb/sec)

Video Scaling Processor:

High quality still frame video capture

Smooth high quality interpolated scaling is performed on video in X(horizontal) and Y (vertical directions)

Supports Hardware Cropping

Video Output Display

Video in a screen resolution up to 640x480NTSC (768x576PAL)

24/16/15 bit video displayed on up to 1600 x 1200 VGA desktop

Selectable refresh rates: 30 frames/second , 60 fields/second, or 30 fields / second

External Camera Control:

Software controllable, optically isolated, universal strobe interface

Physical Size:

76mm x 125mm

Software Developers Kit:

MS Windows 95,98,NT display drivers

MS Windows 95,98,NT DLLs

MS Windows MCI and Video for Windows(AVI) drivers

Microsoft DirectDraw support

OS/2 display drivers and DLLs

TWAIN Driver

Sample Applications with source code

MS Windows FBG video capture application

Video Input Cable

Standard Composite, S- video, and RS170 cables.

Item# A133 Flash Bus MV Lite FlashBus MV Lite Frame Grabber Board, Diskette, Manual, 1 year warranty $395.00 plus 8.00 shipping.

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